Cultural NATO

Document Type : Research Paper


کارشناس ارشد علوم سیاسی


This paper has studied the background, the causes, the goals, the methods and the tools of cultural NATO and the ways for opposing it. Though it was for the first time that the great leader of Islamic revolution posed the phrase cultural NATO, its roots turns back to the year 1920; the year in which influencing on human wills and views in new methods has been expressed by Fuller of England. By Bipolarity of the international system, military NATO employed highly progressed technology and media along with a great amount of finance sources in the field. The happening of Islamic revolution in Iran, presenting a successful example of religious government in various areas, caused NATO to take a new approach and take into consideration a culturo-military function. Some nonhumanistic measurements such as omitting national and religious culture, supporting suspicious believes, racial tendencies and living luxury were taken as important goals. To oppose these measurements, Islamic world should focuses on unity and leaves no place for outer threats. For attaining such high and divine points, deeply believing in God, self-reliance and causing a strong relation between articles of faith, principles of morality and divine law should be of much attention.